Misc Operators in C

The below are some special operators of C.

The & operator is used to get the address of the operand or variable. e.g. &x, it will give the address of x.

The * operator is used as a pointer to the variable. e.g. *x, * is a pointer to the variable x.

The sizeof() operator is used to get the size of the variable. e.g. sizeof(x), it will return the size of x.

Here is a C program to demonstrate these operators.

* To demonstrate the & , *, and sizeof() operator
int main ( int argc, char **argv )
long int x = 10;
long int *ptr = &x;
printf ( "Value of x = %d\n ",x );
printf ( "Address of x = %d\n", &x );
printf ( "Address of x = %d\n", ptr );
printf ( "Value of x = %d\n", *ptr );
printf ( "Size of the x = %d ( in Bytes )\n", sizeof ( x ) );
return 0;

Hope, it would be useful !!

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