Linux : Performance Monitoring & Statistics

In this post, I’m going to give some list of Linux commands, which is very useful to get system performance monitoring & statistics information.

#Shows and manage the top processes


#Show interactive process viewer


#Shows processors related statistics


#Shows virtual memory related statistics


#Shows I/O statistics


#Shows the last 100 syslog messages ( use /var/log/messages )

tail 100 /var/log/messages

#Captures & shows all packets on interface eth0

tcpdump -i eth0

#Monitor all traffic on port 80 ( HTTP )

tcpdump -i eth0 ‘port 80’

#List all open files on the system


#List files opened by user

lsof -u user

#Shows free & used memory ( -h for human readable, -m for MB, -g for GB. )

free -h

#To see periodic updates, execute “df -h”

watch df -h

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